Last night as we all know the fifth world’s largest lockdown was announced which is also known as


The Indian government decided to extend this lockdown till 30th, June. Ministry OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA) issued new guidelines for re-opening areas outside the containment zones, but it did say that this phase is for helping the country come out of the lockdown in a safe and staggered manner. 


lockdown 5 guidelines for travel and interstate travel

The latest guidelines will come into effect from June 1 and will be effective till June 30, 2020. The current phase of re-opening, Unlock 1, will focus on the resumption of economic activities.

As we all know that for interstate travel in lockdown 4 the person needs an e-pass for travel but from now there shall be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement of any person and goods.

But now you can easily travel or do movement from one state to another without any e-pass.

There is no separate permission/approval/ e-permit that will be required for such a kind of movement from one state to the other.

But, if a state or Union Territory, based on reasons of public health and its assessment of the situation, proposes to regulate the movement of people.

It has to give wide publicity in advance regarding the restrictions to be placed on such movement or travel and also related protocol that needs to be followed.

lockdown 5 guidelines for travel and moveent

As you heard, the Haryana government seals their border without wide publicity which may lead to traffic jams on Delhi-Haryana borders .

People coming to Gurugram for their jobs or for any personal work were stuck there just because of no publicity in advance regarding the restrictions.

which is not done from now ,if a state or Union Territory based on reasons of public health they must has to give a wide publicity in advance in general public.

2. Night curfew

lockdown 5 night curfew

Night curfew shall continue in force, on the movement of individuals and for non-essential activities.

The revised timings of the curfew will be from 9 PM-5 AM. instead of 7 PM to 7 AM.


These are the following salient features of lockdown 5 guidelines regarding travel and movement in inter and intra states


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All the religious places and places for worship for the public; hotel, restaurants, and other hospitality services; and shopping mall was closed.

but as per the lockdown 5 guidelines the government will be permitted to open from 8th July 2020 unless they are located in containment zones.

Government will allow to open all the religious places for worship from 8th july.

All the hotel, restaurants, hospitality services, shopping mall will be open from 8th june .

But general public have to take care of yourself , try to wear mask if you’re going outside for whatever reason and try to maintain social distancing


guidelines for schools in lockdown

As per lockdown 5 guidelines, Phase II regarding opening school , collages etc the government decided that

Schools, colleges, education/training/coaching centers, etc, will be opened after consultation with states and UTs, according to the latest guidelines provided till a new date is announced.

There is no notification or guidelines about opening of school, colleges , coaching centre etc.

All the guidelines regarding educational institutes will announced in july after consulting with all other states and assessment of the situation of the pandemic


lockdown 5 guidelines for international travel

Only limited numbers of activities will be prohibited, According to the government order, dates will be decided based on the assessment of COVID-19 situation on a country basis. These activities are 

International Air travel is suspended in INDIA from the last week of March due to the spread of COVID-19 now remaining to be suspended, according to the latest guidelines provided till a new date is announced.

lockdown 5 guidelines for delhi metro

Operations of Delhi Metro services and metro services in other states will remain suspended until further notice.

Operation of Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, assembly halls, bars, auditoriums, and similar places, social/ political/. sports/ academic/ cultures/ religious functions/ and other large congregations are remain prohibited.

I think it is good to place such restrictions in lockdown 5 and will be continued because there are greater chances of transmission of this coronavirus in crowded places.

One Corona positive person will affect thousands of peoples unconsciously .

which will leads to increased hundreds no corona patient which is which not not a good thing or any state

4. Protection for the vulnerable person

lockdown 5 guidelines

After assessment of the current situation during this Pandemic government is concerned with the health of vulnerable persons.

vulnerable persons i.e. persons above 65 years of age, pregnant women, children below the age of 10 years, are advised to stay at home, except in case of essential requirement or for health purposes.

And protection for the vulnerable person is important because their immunity system is weak at this age. And it may cause difficulty for them to fighting against coronavirus.

The person whose immunity system is strong, their body can able fight against corona and get easily recover from this virus which is not possible in vulnerable person

So always try to avoid vulnerable people going outside especially in crowded places.

5. Use of Aarogya setu

lockdown 5 aarogya setu app is mandatory

Aarogya Setu App is available on both the platforms- Android and iOS.

This app is available in 11 languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and many more

The Aarogya setu App works on Bluetooth-based technology.

It will informed you in case you has crossed paths with the positive COVID-19 and showing risking notification in your mobile app.

And In case, a user is at high risk, the app will advise you to go for a Coronavirus test

It will also show you the numbers of active cases around you in the distance of 500m ,1 km for more

the app is also equipped with a chatbot that answers all the basic questions on coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

The app is also equipped with a chatbot that answers all the basic questions on coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

Use of Aarogya Setu Mobile Application, thus it is acting as a Shield for individuals. Aarogya setu mobile application is a powerful tool built by the Government of India to facilitate by COVID-19.

To ensure safety, various authorities are advised to encourage the use of the application.

It is already mandatory under lots of circumstances, including while taking a flight, a train journey, etc.