So are you guys planning for the Goa trip? but still, confused about how to plan Goa Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? Don’t worry I’ll help you with the same.

Here I’ll tell you how to plan the lowest budget trip for Goa 

Here I will mention 5 main things which you have to keep in mind for planning this successful Goa trip.



3. FOOD 




As there are many options for travel conveyance for Goa like Via Plane, Train or if you like road trips so you have an option of via car.also.

Economic mode of transportation if you people from North India.

I’m mentioning some most reasonable modes of transportation from major hubs of North.

(1)From Delhi

(a). Flight- 8000 INR (MAX)(Round trip) (average – Economic Class DEL_GOI_DEL)

(b)Train– 1500 INR (Round trip) sleeper class

(2) from Chandigarh

(a) Flight– 4149INR (one way )Chandigarh (IXC) to Goa Velha (GOI)

(b) Train– 855 INR (one way ) (sleeper class) (Goa sampark Kranti Exp.)

(3) from Jaipur 

(a) Flight– 3766INR (single way) (Economy class) (connecting flight)

(b) Train– 840INR (one way) (Sleeper class) (Maru Sagar Exp)

If you guys have a good amount of budget so you can opt a time saver option to travel via flight 

If you searching for get interstate travel e-pass online ? Here you can get step by step proper solution. Click here

*Variation in the amount according to season

how to plan a goa trip- train is the cheapest source of transportation for goa

 But the Cheapest and the best source is Train.

Yeah, some of you are thinking that trains take too much time. And it’s true but if you travel with your friends you don’t even know how time passes and it’ll become lifelong moments for you.

If you want to travel via personal vehicle it’s also a good option if you guys like road trips.



Are you looking for pocket-friendly accommodation in goa? Firstly book 2/3 star hotel with good guest reviews.

So firstly you have to decide according to your plan If you guys like to party and chill out with your friends, you have to look after your hotel in North Goa because it’s famous for its nightlife and beaches and most of the tourist places are situated in North Goa near Calangute, Baga or Candolim beach.

And if you come Goa for some relaxation or rest so you have to make your stay in South Goa

 because it’s a very calm and pleasing place to stay


An average 2/3 rating hotel for a night accommodation cost is around INR 1500-1700 INR for a couple with Breakfast 


 1. Le Meridien Goa, Calangute


Le Meridien Goa, Calangute situated in the heart of the bustling Calangute-Candolim belt in North Goa, India offers an inspiring setting for the curious traveller in search of a perfect family holiday experience or a leisurely vacation. 146 tastefully designed rooms in a contemporary setting yet retains accents of locally inspired art. Indulge in a culinary slice of Goa when you stay with us at our hotel near Fort Aguada, Fort Chapora, Reis Magos and the city center of Panjim just 30 minutes away.

2.The Park Calangute Goa


This seafront property features an open-air lounge where you can unwind with a frozen tropical daiquiri after a long day of touring the neighborhood attractions. Sip and take in the breathtaking view of the ocean.

Count the beers, the hours left in the day while watching the sunset.Below the skybar you will find our restaurant. Savour the sight of our Chef’s specials being prepared in the open kitchen while you enjoy our Bartender’s classics with some chilled out music.

This breezy and comfortable restaurant also gives you direct access to the beach and to the swimming pool.Stretch out and relax on the daybeds and cabanas next to the purple pool.

Read a book while enjoying a delicious margarita, take a snooze after you’ve had a swim, or just lay back and people-watch.

Treat yourself to a foot rub after a long night out, while you make plans for another one.

3.BloomSuites | Calangute


World Class affordable hotel experience now in Goa! Ideally situated on the Calangute – Candolim road & diagonally opposite Café Coffee Day, you can’t get closer to the action. Chill by our amazing pool by day & hit the North Goa party scene by night – a fantastic holiday awaits !

4.Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort – A Beach Property


There is a time when everything just falls into place smoothly. A holiday, when everything comes together nicely. Some call that memory the “Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort experience”.

Ever since we made Calangute, North Goa our hospitality home in 1979, our guests have been charmed by our luxury beachside resort. Like homing seagulls, they find their way back to us, time and time again, to nest happily in the comfort of our gracious hospitality.

And to experience that heartwarming “comfort of home” feeling that is the signature of Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort.

5.Casa De Goa Boutique Resort


Casa de Goa is located in close proximy to the famous Calangute beach, night life, market and main tourist places. We offer Villas and Suites which are ideal for couple and deluxe rooms. we emphasis on quality hospitality and guests satisfaction.


As we all know, goa is also famous for its seafood. Kingfish, red and black snapper, squid, tuna, shellfish, crab, lobster, sea bass, tiger prawns are very famous in Goa. But the food in goa is not so expensive. 


If you are vegetarian 200/- to 250/- INR is enough. Here you can easily get Chinese food, Normal food like – Dal, roti, butter paneer, etc . so there is no worry for the vegetarian they can get vegetarian food very easily

 if our nonvegetarian 300/- INR is enough. Here you can get chicken, seafood like prawns 

 fish etc very easily.


It is obvious that if you visit Goa we explore the beauty around you. 

So for travel in goa, you have an option to board a scooty, car or bike on rent.

 You can easily find the shops around you that provide scooty , bikes or cars as well on rent. 

Normal bikes are available on rent at 400 to 600 INR cost. Luxury bikes will cost 1000 to 1500 INR.

During peak season the cost of each type of bike will go higher by 200 to 300 INR.


You can rent a scooty as well for 350-400 per day.

For car rental

Small hatchback – 900/-INR (PER DAY)

Med hatchback-1100/-INR (PER DAY)

Large hatchback-1300/-INR (PER DAY)

Sedan-1400/-INR (PER DAY)

Premium1900/-INR (PER DAY)

Luxury-10000INR (PER DAY)

Super Luxury-15000INR (PER DAY)


Jeep-2000INR (PER DAY)

*They all have their different terms and conditions as well about no. of kilometers run per day, security deposit and driving license should be minimum 3 years old, etc.

Personally suggestion if you guys can find activa for rent.

So without wasting any time just take it . and I will you the reason because it is very good in mileage according to another scooties which are available here like fascino and all

*Bargaining can also be done

 It is obvious that if you rent a scooty, bike, car you need to fill up the fuel by your own

*Personally suggest don’t fill your petrol tank full because you are not able to use it completely and that waste goes away when you return scooty, bike, car or anything else.

They will not give you money back for that fuel.

* Variation in the amount according to season


As we all know goa is the place known for their parties and enjoyment with your friends and loved ones and if you come to Goa & do party your friends your trip will become unsuccessful Here people enjoy their party with drinking beer and any type of liquor. 


Alcohol in Goa is much cheaper than all other states selling alcohol.

People enjoy their weekends with their friends while having parties and drinking be(er near beaches.

The most famous and known liquor of Goa is cashew fen which is made by the local manufacturer in their home. Let’s have a look at how cashew feni are made.


So if you would go for 4 Night Package and plan as suggested above, then below would be approx.

Package costing :

from Delhi

Train=750 (train) + 2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) + 750 return

=7700- 8500 INR (Approx)  

Flight- 4000 flight(Approx) +2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) +4000 flight(Approx)

=14200-15000 INR (Approx)

From Chandigarh

Train=855 (Train)+ 2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) + 855 (Train)return

=8000-8800 INR(Approx)

Flight=4200 (ApproxFlight) + 2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) + 4200(ApproxFlight) return

=14600-15500 INR(approx)

 From jaipur

Train= 840 (Train)+ 2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) + 840 (Train)return

=7900-8700 INR (Approx)

Flight=3800 (Approx Flight) + 2200 ( 4 nights with sharing)+ 1600(veg meal ) or 2400 (Non veg meal)+ 900(scooty for 4 days including petrol) + 1500( party or other) + 3800 (Approx Flight) return

=14000-15000 INR (Approx)

A bus would be an additional mode of transport from most of mentioned above hubs

Enjoy Economic Goa!